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I’m unhappy with the #Verdict. Salman is innocent….#IStandWithSalmanKhan

Salman Khan was sentenced to five years in jail for 2002 “Hit-and-Run” case. As the actor was to be taken to prison, the Bombay High Court gave him a two-day respite in the form of interim bail.


He is a Superstar, a great human being, a wonderful actor, he is the one & only “Mr. Salman Khan”. I love him not only because I’m his fan but because of his goodness. Yesterday, I was in tears when I saw this news on TV. I am totally unhappy and sad with the court verdict. Salman in jail for 5yrs, Oh God!!! 😥 I cannot digest this sentence itself….believing it is impossible!!! 😦 Let me tell you first that Salman never shy away from his mistakes, he always face it and it was an accident, plus he was not driving but when you are a celebrity you have to pay a big price. Salman was not driving but when his car have an accident and footpath people know that its Salman Khan, they said that salman was driving. Yes a person was killed in this accident but has the government still do something for these people sleeping on the footpath??? The answer is NO.

We all know, everyone has imperfections and no one is perfect but if you have guts to confront your problems and deal with it like it should then will let tomorrow speaks for himself. India has a big Bollywood industry, where actors and actresses do lots of charity but do you surely know, where are the money going exactly??? Where are those activists working for vulnerable people to shape the life of poor people??? Where are they??? We are in world where internet, whatsapp, facebook, twitter and where everything is moving fast and dynamic, still they can’t help people sleeping on the road/footpath. This is a SHAME!!!! 😖 There are rapist, murders, criminals in any form why not taking damn final judgement for them too??? Well some are focusing because it is SALMAN KHAN and nothing else. But BRAVO to the actor, he run a charity and help truly people who needs it, when the government should have done all this.



The people who are injured said they want compensation and give a damn about the court verdict. These are people who are always in need before and after the accident precisely. I don’t know what’s right or wrong? What’s good or bad? All I know is, For me Salman is not guilty, he is innocent and is always fair. I’m supporting him and will always support him. He is not guilty!!! The truth is, those who showing sympathy to victims & calling it justice, I bet they don’t care if someone murders someone in front of them. There are people who has hit and run cases and killed 6 or more people and they suffered only 2 years while only one person was killed which is still sad yet salman get 5 years jail?? Disgusting!!! 😖 I’m saying this not because I’m his fan but I know he is a good man. If Salman really want to go away with this case he has his contacts. But he faces the consequences no matter what. This is Salman Khan! 🙂 I admire his work, his kindness. He is real, genuine and loyal. Yes, I love his acting, his smile but mostly I love him as a human being. He is great! A man with golden heart and as an actor he is in his best. I cannot imagine any other actor taking his position. It is Salman and the love of his fans that make his movies cross most of the times the 100cr mark.

Last night, I saw an old interview of salman on TV. I really think he’s being targeted for who he is! Go watch it, he always said he wasn’t driving the car and now his driver admits and the judge completely ignored his side of the story. This is clearly injustice. Just because he’s famous you sentence him for five years? What about rapists that are moving freely? Well, I will always support and love him. He is amazing, no one cannot ever become like him, god made him & broke the mould. 🙂 He is real, and he does what he believes, he has saved the lives of many people. Whatever happened that night, was just a mistake. It was an accident. He is not a criminal. And no matter what I will always love him and will support him 🙂 and I’m very happy for Salman that he got the bail for 2 days. 🙂 Finally, a bit relief for him, his family and fans. He is the man who stands for everyone always and now I stand for him.  🙂


This is really shame, some celebrities earn and don’t donate but Salman donates most of what he earns (I think, 60%) and still this judgement….very bad! 😥 Salman is not guilty and please don’t always think of religion, for god’s sake GROW UP! I’m still little upset and sad for him, and now all I can say is I’m supporting him and will always support him. He is just the BEST. We love you salman, I hope all will be fine. #IStandWithSalmanKhan #ISupportSalmanKhan


15 thoughts on “I’m unhappy with the #Verdict. Salman is innocent….#IStandWithSalmanKhan”

  1. I think the judgement is fair enough. And as per your argument against it, I might commit a murder and then say, “Where’s the orphanage, I need to donate some money”. However, the fans loyal to salman khan are being a bit biased here. But you are entitled to your opinion 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 But I’m Sorry, I don’t agree!! Yes, I respect your views but I don’t think he was doing charity to avoid punishment. I really believe he did because he was feeling bad about the accident he caused. Let’s be honest, we all know the truth, he did helped many poor & needy people. We easily forget good actions of good people but let’s not forget that here. 🙂 As for the case, I wouldn’t call Salman a murderer/criminal as many of you call him. He caused an accident due to drinking, which resulted injured people and one death After Few Days…So, that’s not murder and it wasn’t done intentionally. I do believe Salman was and will be regretting for that night forever and if he could change it, he would. I believe, justice doesn’t punish in order to take revenge, it punishes in order to give a chance to a person to change for the better, that is the meaning of Punishment in a Democracy. And on the other hand, end of the day even if It (charity) was for show, it helped poor and the needy who probably wouldn’t have had anyone else to turn to…why don’t people ask their favourite actor/actress to setup & run a charity foundation, lets see who comes forward? You can call it fake or whatever but GOD is his witness and people who he helped through his foundation, they know him better. Maybe this is a result of their prayers and love that Salman is free today and I’m really happy for him! 🙂


  2. It’s a bit odd though, don’t you admit, that he apparently claimed having not been driving while influence (or not driving at all) in 2015? And that after the prime witness had died? I do know little about the court proceedings but the way it sounds like Khan was driving that car. In either way, the court is supposed to see everyone as equals no matter how much charity one does or doesn’t.


    1. No. I respect your opinion sincerely but I’m sorry, I don’t agree with you here. I mean really? His punishment is equal to those who deliberately gets involved in crimes??? Yes he was careless that time but he’s not a habitual criminal, for god’s sake PLEASE!!! I knew, he will be punished for his carelessness but 5 years in jail isn’t fair. Okay he did mistake but it doesn’t mean he is a monster just because of an accident. If god can forgive someone, we all can have it in us to see the good in people. I know we’re not GOD but for few sec, let’s think positive and see the goodness. Salman is a good man. 🙂 And if we talk about the decision so I’ve read people are talking about the injustice in India because of this decision, but they are “sure” that all the criminals in India have been punished???? Girls get raped everyday and no one says anything but stands there and acts blind and deaf….Now this is awesome, isn’t it? My dear, yes he made a mistake but, it is not equal to the mistakes of criminals. Sending Salman to jail won’t change anything in this country, it will still be the country with most road deaths in the world. We need to change our mindset first!


      1. Well, what we are talking about here is a hit-and-run meaning that Salman at least neglected his duty of trying to help the victim(s) of the accident. The fact that he didn’t do so, especially when sober and not driving the car (which I greatly suspect) is extremely suspicious.
        While I believe this probably was an accident, that does not mean he shouldn’t be trialled and found guilty. If there were pre-existing cases with similar circumstances, Salman shouldn’t be receiving any special treatment and if he was caught lying in court, this would usually result in a longer sentence (which would explain the 5 years).
        The first step towards a fair justice system is to guarantee every one is treated equally in the eyes of law and unfortunately for Salman, it may be starting with him.


  3. Well, I have watched his movies and admire his social work too. However, I feel that you need to go in detail in this case. The verdict is an outcome of true statement given by his bodyguard who was eye witness to the incident and never changed his statement even after forced by big powers. Better, you see the incident from perspective of every single person involved. This is where I feel sorry for India, people here are just mad about these celebs and can’t see beyond into their real lives. One simply can not be forgiven just because he has done lots of charity and social work after being involved in crime. And, as far as supporting him considered, it was okay till he was not found guilty in the case. Now, that he has been declared guilty, one should accept the fact and respect whatever verdict court has given.


    1. Hi, Thanks for your comment 🙂 I respect you and your opinion. But let me tell you one thing, like ALIA BHATT tweeted “It hurts when your own are punished, even if they are in the wrong. We love you and standing by you.” The same is with me. I’m not mad. Yes I am huge fan of Salman but more than that I respect him as human being. Think if it was someone close to your heart that got jail for 5 years even if they were guilty??? I’m sure, you would still hurt. Guilty or not guilty only works in the court because in the matters of the heart that stuff doesn’t work. People care for him and see the good he has done since that accident 13 years ago. He’s a completely different person who has become a humanitarian and donated millions of dollars to organizations. I don’t care about any statements given by his bodyguard or else. I respect him and love him so much. He had to live in fear for 13 years and didn’t get married or have kids because of this trial. Isn’t that punishment enough in a country where hit and runs, gang rapes, murders go unpunished daily??? People on here seem to think he got star treatment when in reality being a star HURT him. If he was a common man he would have been trialed a lot sooner and most likely would have gotten a year or two max. Actually he most likely would have walked free like so many murderers in india do. It’s because he was an icon that he got an example made out of him. One of the victims said as recently as yesterday that Salman getting jail time doesn’t do anything for them or provide justice and that they would rather have had compensation. Sending him to prison does nothing. He is a changed man. He donates his time and money for the poor and needy people. Let’s see if there are people out there who is ‘human’ enough and can do what he does. By the way he has got the bail, and I’m really happy that he’s free now.


      1. I really wondered

        1. why don’t you care about statement given by an eye witness
        2. why don’t you have sympathy for the one who died in there
        3. why are you not supporting justice and humanity
        4. why are you supporting his crime (intentional or non-intentional crime is crime) giving examples of other criminals, does that mean because there exists many criminal this one should not be considered as important
        5. why can’t you see the pain of family who lost their beloved in that accident where as you can see the sufferings and pain of one who did it
        6. why are you placing money donations and other work over life of a person, as far as I know nothing is of greater value that human life

        I believe
        1. in justice and humanity
        2. every individual should be treated equally
        3. criminal should be punished for his crimes despite of whatever is the current situation, time ad etc
        4. no crime can be justified by any means

        I am not arguing, I have no intentions to do so but it hurts when people favors the glamor & money over humanity. You have freedom to express your thoughts however I would really appreciate if you rethink and act wisely. I wonder if you have same feelings and emotions for every individual social worker who is devoting his life for others and you will write for them. Please, rethink.

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  4. Height of Dumbness or Blindness…
    “Let me tell you first that Salman never shy away from his mistakes, he always face it and it was an accident, plus he was not driving but when you are a celebrity you have to pay a big price. Salman was not driving but when his car have an accident and footpath people know that its Salman Khan, they said that salman was driving. “

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    1. Rohit, Keep calm and please don’t post such unwanted things here. It’s a request. Please, I don’t want any argument on this. I know what I’ve written and I’m not blind or dumb so please remember this and relax. And by the way, the Truth is always Bitter!!!!


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