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And, a dream died….!

Look at her marksheet, just 50% in Mathematics”. Her father retorted.
“And, not to forget her Science marks, 55%. She is such a disappointment.” Her mother fumed too.

“But, Dad, Didn’t you notice my English marks? I have had got 92%, the highest in all the sections”. The 9th grade girl said fearfully yet, there was hope in her voice.

“Nobody sees your literature marks. It is Mathematics and Science that make careers”. Her father broke the hope she was clinging to.
“Stop wasting your time scribbling your good for nothing thoughts and pay attention on numericals and equations”. Even her mother failed to understand her.

And, a dream died young that day. She was engineered to opt something she could never really understand or love.
The irony is, she was allowed to be a bad engineer or a bad doctor but, not a great writer!
Really, Lucky are they whose parents say :- ‘you can do what you want, we’ll always be there for you beta’ ! 🙂

62 thoughts on “And, a dream died….!”

      1. You only said there is no need for thanks and all but then why are you not following what you said..??
        Hey thanks a lot!! I love you pretty! *don’t worry I am not a guy* :p
        And yes I was not supposed to say thanks but I couldn’t find any other option!! 🙂

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  1. I have been there you know. . I scored 88% in my 10th and my dad wanted me to take up science. I fought because I hated science. I took up commerce. In May 2013, I cleared my CA with All India 13th Rank and they were so so happy 🙂

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    1. Wow! My #intelligent girl 😉 Soooo proud of you Himali 🙂 and am happy that finally you’re doing what you want to do….so happy for you 🙂 I really hope you’ll always be happy in your life and achieve all your goals ❤
      Stay blessed! ❤

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      1. Awwhh! you know what Himali, I’m really happy 🙂 And am thankful for whatever I have today as well as whatever my parents gave me so much love!! 🙂 Today, I’m at the point in my life where finally I have so many good people and things and yes am happy for whatever i have today. I believe “Whatever happens, happens for the best” So just be happy and have faith in god! 🙂 Its just that vo time mera nahin tha 🙂 I know some dreams are left behind but I’ve hidden all of them in my heart and am waiting for the good opportunity and hope that one day I’ll fulfill them for sure! 😉
        And yes! one more thing..today, I’m sooo thankful to god and #WP 😛 for giving me a friend like you 🙂 Really you are a lovely person! ❤
        Take care darling 🙂 Stay happy! xoxo

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      2. Awwwww.. you are an absolute sweet heart love.. I too share similar feelings. Whatever I am, every atom of me, I owe it to them. And yes, we cannot be the best at everything or have everything we desire. That’s a part of life. I too feel blessed to meet a lovely person like u 🙂
        Keep smiling my dear and yes.. It happens for a reason. I have wrote something on this.. will be sharing next week 🙂

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  2. Well, we all have been there. It was a sad state then, after finishing our junior college or pre-degree. The worst thing was that in my times we had so limited exposure that we couldn’t even think on what next. Just go with what parents had heard from distant relatives.

    Nice little post there. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Take a look at this marksheet;
    English: 90
    Hindi: 92
    Computers: 95
    Social Science: 95
    Science: 89
    Maths: 55
    I felt like reading my biography :p The most interesting part is that I have got fair amount of success in my career, but……… you know what I mean. 🙂

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      1. You are normal but Different 😉 You know I personally think, nobody is normal 😛 ….Everyone is different, there is no normal. You are different, but you’re a “good kind of different” and that is a great thing 😉
        God made everyone different for a reason, and I must say, you are a lovely creation of God! 😉 Really Shashank, you’re a nice person with a good attitude! 🙂 Stay happy my dear…Good luck!

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      2. This made me a bit speechless. On a scale of goodness, I always give myself 5 out of 10. I agree with your idea of different personality of each one of us. For instance, two weird persons will always go along well 😉

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      3. 🙂 I actually agree with you but you know, we all think we know ourselves better than another human being out there in the universe and yes that’s true! we may know us, but sometimes other can see what we can’t, and I can easily see that you’re a good person with a lovely heart!!! 🙂 So trust me! 😉
        Good luck dear…Keep smiling! 🙂

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  4. This is so true!
    I was always good in academics. My parents wanted me to take up Science in 11th, 12th so as to become an engineer or a doctor. But I wanted to take up Commerce because I did not have a scientific temperament. I could not retaliate and ended up taking Science. But I chose not to become an engineer rather I ended up pursuing B.Sc. (H) Mathematics. And now I am looking forward to pursuing management, a thing I’ve always wanted to do.

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    1. Hey Dear 🙂 Thank s for your comment! I understand 🙂 and i’m really happy that you’re finally doing what you want to do 🙂 Really, life is a roller coster with all its ups and downs and that’s what makes life so strange and interesting! 😉 anyways, good luck dear for the future!
      Keep smiling ❤

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  5. Aww this is sad… I’m an Indian growing up in the U.S so I totally get it but at the same time I feel blessed that I’m growing up in the U.S instead of India, where there is such a big push on creative fields and where I know I have freedom and 100% support to pursue whatever I want to. Wishing you all the best!

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