It’s Raining :)

Rain clouds come floating in, not to muddy my days ahead, but to make me calm, happy and hopeful ❤

Happy Monsoon 🙂


9 thoughts on “It’s Raining :)”

  1. I smile as I read this. It is raining here, now. We don’t call it a monsoon, but that has a nicer ring than a rainstorm. Regardless of where I am in the world, I love the rain. It’s refreshing and cleansing.

    By the way, I love your tag line that “Life is a great bundle of little things!” How true. I think life is made up of little moments, great and small. They make up and define one’s life. Earth-shattering moments are too few and far in between to do more than serve as guideposts of the general direction you’re heading in.

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