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I really like people who make all the efforts to save or redeem a relationship. The ones who want to make things work instead of cribbing about the past. The ones who sort out instead of staying shut. They deserve the good relationships. The others, they are on the other side for a reason!


16 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts!”

  1. 100% agreed. I see people blame about relationship not working .but who let the magic go away ?? Who dint rekindle the flame to keep the fire burning ??? When u don’t make an effort to keep the relationship alive .. It naturally fades away..

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    1. Truly Supreet 🙂 very well said! I also feel the same, I mean you can’t fix any relationship problem if u’re the only one that wants to save it, no its just a waste of time, you’ll only hurt, to save a relationship both parties need to work on it or otherwise they should stop blaming each other for the shit!

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    1. U’re right Pratik. I know, that’s my problem! But I expect a lot from the people only I care about bcoz I know how far I’d go for any one of them..and yeah it just disappointed when you don’t get that in return. But anyways this is LIFE! 🙂

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