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LOVE 🙂 the most beautiful Word and Feeling in the world. 🙂 Do you know the meaning of Love? Do you guys believe in Love??? Well, I think the biggest problem with people and love nowadays is that some people are so desperate for love that they are even ready to settle for false relationships. I really think that Forced feelings, Mixed emotions and Wrong decisions are taken when people see the least bit of satisfaction of their desire to find love and I guess this is one of the major reasons why relationships fail nowadays.

I am being a little philosophical here but yes, these days its easier to say the other person “I Love You” than to explain them the importance of this word in your life.” I love you’s are casual, intensities do not exist and people don’t even know what they are getting into when they say they are in love. It’s sad and sometimes funny but unfortunately TRUE!

And this happens not because our hearts are ready to fall in love but because our minds are convinced of wanting something so badly that we’ll settle for a false image of it when we’re lonely. People need to understand that these 3 magical words (I Love You) are so important and saying I love you is not wrong but the sanctity of that feeling called love is almost over 😦 now its just a status to be with someone all the time…I mean, How Cheap! No one do understand that being with their oneself is much more important than being with fake person. I think we all need to learn this before we say we are in love!

You know, if you are not happy being single, you will never be happy in a fake relationship. We need to understand that “Being single is much wiser than being in a fake relationship.” Love is not a joke, drama or game…Its a feeling, it is more than words, respect it…respect your love, your life and yourself. That’s all!!!

Just stay happy guys, and DON’T FORGET TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST!!! 🙂


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