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My thoughts are my own!


“Our thoughts create our world.”  Do you believe in this line? Well I do! My thoughts are my own. They evolve in the some of the deepest part of the brain, based on what my eyes and ears convey to my brain. They may be simple or complex…but they are mine just Mine! I like sharing my thoughts with others, I mean not all but few of them. I believe my thoughts are the experiences of my life…They are mine and they are very important and close to me. I think through our thinking we define reality and the reason about it. I usually talk with my thoughts. They mature with time, they grow and they change. In the darkest hour, when I am totally alone, they are my only friend…. My Bestfriend ! ❤

When the whole world sleeps, they appear in front of me, making me smile, making me sad, making me crying, making me excited, depressed or happy. They play with me, they laugh with me, they cry with me, they talked to me, they are always with me! Last night some thoughts made me sad. (Sorry, I don’t want to share them here.) And with those thoughts in mind, I don’t know when I fell asleep, those thoughts appeared in my dreams, talked to me and disappeared when I woke up today morning. But they are still running in my mind. After all they always stay with me.
My thoughts, my opinion, my dreams are very precious to me…So I’ve lock them in my heart. I want to keep them safe in my heart. I have learned to live alone in this over-crowded world. I am alone but I am happy in my world after with my thoughts. Yes, I often feel alone and perhaps, all of us are or at least most of us are. My family is with me and they love me so much but you know still there’s something missing, something different that I always wanted to have but I guess it never worked. Sometimes I truly, deeply, madly immersed in my thoughts. I easily get lost in my thoughts. And I really think that Its not selfishness, It’s just spending time with the one who is with you from the time you are born to the time you breathe your last “The inner soul” 🙂

My thoughts remain with me. In one moment, some thoughts make me deeply depressed and the next moment some colorful thoughts bring smile to my face. In a moment they are very naughty and the second moment they are very serious. The hide-and-seek continues within. I think our thoughts and emotions are intertwined…..A thought can give rise to a feeling, and a feeling can give rise to a thought. I actually think that feelings or emotions and thoughts are cousins 😉
So yeah, my thoughts changed my world, they’ve already changed me but I still love them because they are mine and with me. I am very happy with them. My thoughts and my dreams are my own and they remain deep within me forever! ❤

“I’m glad that, no matter how much others try to influence them, all of my thoughts are mine…!!!” 🙂


22 thoughts on “My thoughts are my own!”

  1. From the line you’ve locked them, I saw myself.. When I read that line, “Yes!! That’s how I felt and held the pain inside.. I want my pain inside to often poke me that I’m broken and healing” but when I later continued reading seems like same path.. There is one thing of my bestie which so similar with the post.. “Mine” – she never let anyone touch her things.. Even their parents afraid to touch 😂😂

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      1. How couldn’t I notice a Gemini whom I’ve been talking with from such a long time.. 🤔
        Just like that, since it’s a NO..! ☹️Again 😉

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  2. exactly
    some days ago I too had a similar line of thought
    so in a lighter vein i wrote
    एक दिन मुझे मिल गये वो
    उन्होंने पूछा “वैभव तुम्हें कभी प्यार हुआ है ”
    मैंने कहा जी बिलकुल हुआ है
    वो बोले किसके साथ बनाई तुमने यह नई नई शायरी
    मैंने कहा “मैं, मेरी कलम ,मेरी डायरी” ।

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