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That Girl . . . .


She was the kind of girl who was usually quiet in large groups of people or around a lot of people. She always heard everyone but kept her response to bare minimum. It was like you only saw the real her if you were close to her. No one could actually guess that she’d be a revelation thereafter. She smiled and laughed a lot, especially at the most inappropriate times.
She was crazy and a hopeless romantic. Sometimes she was weird and sometimes like an angel. She was moody, crazy but very simple and honest.
She tripped over life’s struggles and relished every joy life gifted her. And she was the hardest person to offend but sometimes the smallest of things made her feel horrible.
She hated sharing her problems with anyone because she never liked anyone worrying about her. But whenever anyone around her, be it her friend or even a stranger wanted to share some stuff, she was the most obvious choice they had. She was a great listener. She was the living definition of a giver coated with simplicity and beauty who always preferred to think than to talk.
She was awkward, clumsy, weird, shy, simple, boring and sometimes strange…..But she’d accepted all the situations. Her presence was weak and people often unintentionally ignored her, but she accepted herself wholeheartedly. And that’s why she was Different. She was not like the other girls. She was happy and did not feel alone, because she was her own best friend. 🙂


Words from the Heart

And, a dream died….!

Look at her marksheet, just 50% in Mathematics”. Her father retorted.
“And, not to forget her Science marks, 55%. She is such a disappointment.” Her mother fumed too.

“But, Dad, Didn’t you notice my English marks? I have had got 92%, the highest in all the sections”. The 9th grade girl said fearfully yet, there was hope in her voice.

“Nobody sees your literature marks. It is Mathematics and Science that make careers”. Her father broke the hope she was clinging to.
“Stop wasting your time scribbling your good for nothing thoughts and pay attention on numericals and equations”. Even her mother failed to understand her.

And, a dream died young that day. She was engineered to opt something she could never really understand or love.
The irony is, she was allowed to be a bad engineer or a bad doctor but, not a great writer!
Really, Lucky are they whose parents say :- ‘you can do what you want, we’ll always be there for you beta’ ! 🙂

Few Words!

I love this article! Best From Rewardme.in


I love my family and I personally think that a good family bonding is the best thing in the world. I have so many interests and blogging is my another passion! I love writing and reading articles. I was just visiting https://www.rewardme.in & in Family section here I came across this article https://www.rewardme.in/family/family-living/article/tips-to-bond-with-your-family-more and I totally loved it. ❤

Family bonding is ALWAYS a fun time. All the amazing things can happen when a family comes together to do things together. A family that can bond together will be a family that is united forever. A strong family bonds are the secret to internal happiness, afterall, who knows you better than your own family 🙂 right?? I remember when I was little I used to play many games and activities with my mom and dad or brother. I’m so attached to my family, we’ve spent so many precious moments together. Sometimes, I really miss my childhood. I’m still so attached to my family, I just love them! But I often see that in today’s social media world, we have no time for anyone, especially for our family! Life is different now. But we (kids and parents both) need to understand that a family bonding is very very important for a everyone! you have to spend some time together with your parents or children so that children learn how to behave in society by watching their parents interact with each other and with the world. Family bonding times are great. I know, it bit difficult to manage your schedule, but taking the time out to show your loved ones how much they mean to you is always worth the time! Studies have shown that quality parent time with children can have a positive impact on the kids. You can spend quality time with your family by eating meals together, listening to your kids/parents favorite music station, have a family night out, or play games together.

So here are some of the activities you can do with your family (parents/kids)….

1. Plan a vacation with your family. And, When planning a family vacation you can ask your children or your parents where they want to go and what they want to see or do. By incorporating them in the planning process you make them feel like an integral part of the family.

2. Dance like crazy 😉 yes! If you love to dance then make dancing your regular activity. This not only helps improve your family bond but it also promotes fitness. Show some crazy dance moves to your parents/sibling/kids, just to enjoy the moment!

3. Talk and Listen as much as you can! Communication is very important. Ask your children or parent what they think or what’s in their mind? it is just important to be an active listener or talker. While everyone is together, sometimes it’s just important to redirect attention towards your family and ask “What’s going on with you?”

4. Respect each-other. Dear parents please attention! It is very important to respect your family member. Respect your spouse/partner, children, parents or other members, so that your kids learn how to respect a girl or boy. Don’t abuse your wife, parents or kids. Dominating a conversation or behaving aggressive is disrespectful in a familial relationship. So please avoid it!

5. Try some little nice contest in you home, like cooking, cleaning, racing and etc. This will encourage your children to learn new thing. And by doing this, we’ll easily spend some quality time with our family!

6. Try and eat dinner/lunch/breakfast together with no distractions, such as television or phones or social media. Eating a family meal together not only promotes better eating habits, but also gives family members time to discuss their day/daily activities and any good or challenging things happening in their life. And, at meal times you can easily encourage your children to discuss what they plan to do or what problems they’re facing or whatever is on their minds.

7. Homework time is the best time for parents and children. Helping your kids with their homework not only allows you to spend time together, but enables you to see what they are learning. If he/she is doing good then great, if not then teach him/her good and right things. Your support and praise will go a long way in boosting their confidence in school.

8. Plan a “Family Night” every week. A great way of having fun while bonding with your family is to create a “Family Night” where the entire family participates in an activity, like play some games together or an evening out at a fun family restaurant, or to go see a movie. This can be so easy and beautiful.

9. Support your children. If your child is not studying well and his/her grades are dropping, so first of all try to know that what’s exactly going on? And then support your girl/boy. Teach him/her the importance of STUDY! And, If they have interest in sports or other activities like acting, singing, dancing or etc , so involve yourself in that activity and support your child. By involving yourself in these activities and praising them on their participation you are helping build their confidence as well as strengthening your bond.

10. Tell them you Love Them! By telling a child/parents you love them and giving compliments or positive feedback frequently you can foster their confidence and perception of themselves. Support you children, talk to them, listen to them. By listening and being supportive of their ideas, even if you don’t agree, makes them feel as if they can come to you with their problems and discuss their true feelings. And it’s a very good sign of a healthy relationship with family!

I love my home, I love my Family, I love everything about it. I personally believe, there is nothing better than having a place you can call My Home, where you feel loved, appreciated and safe. 🙂 There are so many little things that makes your bond with your family strong and powerful, try them, feel them, live them. Spend time with your family and make some memories!

I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Random Thoughts

Life is too short…Live, Love, Laugh, Be You!


Dear Girls,

Are you able to be an engaging, creative, dynamic woman with OR without a man??? Or do you sometimes fall into the trap of being the clingy, fearful girlfriend who can hardly function without him…??? Don’t worry! lots of us have done it….nobody is BORN understanding this dynamic. If you’re anything like me, you might just have to screw it up pretty good before you figure it out. And happily for all of us, becoming an awesome, in-demand girlfriend is a skillset you can learn, remaining faithful should not be an option but a priority. Live simply, love generously, speak truthfully, when you talk say what you mean and mean what you say. Do your best and leave everything else to the powers above you. 🙂 When you stop expecting people and situation to be perfect, you can start to appreciate them for what and who they are. Give your best in your relationship and then let it be. If it’s meant to be, it will be. Don’t hold yourself down with things you cannot control. If you feel like your relationship is sinking, think about what the cause is as it might be a good time to throw out the stuff that’s weighing it down. Let go of people who bring you down and always surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you. 🙂

Always try to figure out who is worth your attention and who is just taking advantage of you. Finally, remember that the first to apologize is the bravest, the first to forgive is the strongest and the first to move forward is the happiest. 🙂 For those who lack trust in their relationship or who have broken relationship, just know that because someone has been in your life for many years, doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a point at which you finally decide to let go. You have to understand that people come and people go. That is life! So stop holding on to those who have let go of you long ago to avoid had I know after wasting your years. Sometimes the changes we don’t want in life are the changes we need to grow and growth and changes may be painful but nothing in life is as painful as staying stuck where you don’t belong.
Finally, accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what could be and never let your fear decide your future. Just keep calm and be positive, good things will surely happen in your life. 🙂 🙂 And remember, If you ever need anyone to talk to about literally anything, I AM always here to listen no matter what okay! 🙂

Stay happy girls ❤


Words from the Heart

When a GIRL……


When a GIRL is quiet millions of things are running in her mind. When a GIRL is not arguing she is thinking deeply. When a GIRL looks at you with eyes full of questions she is wondering how long you will be around. When a GIRL answers ‘I am fine’ after a few seconds she is not at all fine. When a GIRL stares at you she is wondering why you are lying. When a GIRL lays on your chest she is wishing for you to be hers forever. When a GIRL wants to see you everyday she wants to be pampered. When a GIRL says ‘I love you’ she means it. When a GIRL says ‘I miss you’ so no one in this world can miss you more than that! 🙂