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Book Review:- WORLD’S BEST BOYFRIEND by Durjoy Datta

World's Best Boyfriend by Durjoy Datta
World’s Best Boyfriend by Durjoy Datta

Okay finally I’m done with this book, WORLD’s BEST BOYFRIEND written by DURJOY DATTA. So I pre-ordered it on and guess what? Am so lucky, I got his signed copy. 🙂 I was so happy when I received it. This was my first read of Durjoy Datta and I must say I’m so impress by his work and I’m sure I’ll continue to read his other books. The very one thing I loved about this book is its cute title 😉 it is really so cute, isn’t it???? 🙂 Well, Durjoy is a wonderful writer. World’s Best Boyfriend is his 11th book and yes I liked it. And by the way, thanks to I’m damnnnn happy about the signed copy I’ve received, so THANK YOU DURJOY & AMAZON! ❤

Thanks for the Signed copy :-)
Thanks for the Signed copy 🙂

Durjoy Datta’s new book tells us a story about a girl Aranya who has a disease named vitiligo since birth because of which her parents always hated her and never a moment came in life when they treated her nicely. Her brother was always considered more superior to her even when she was very studious and always scored in top ranks. She meets a boy named Dhruv who is disturbed because his parents have separated as his mother leaves home with his school principal. This leads Dhruv to be very rough and unemotional all his life. Somehow, both Aranya and Dhruv falls in love in school. After getting caught, they are separated and they only meet after couple of years to hate each other as much as possible. They try almost everything to ruin each other’s peace but is the hatred only thing that they share between each other? Hatred for someone comes only when you consider them someone important in your mind. That’s the plot on which World’s Best Boyfriend is based upon. I’m not going to tell you the whole story, all I wanna say is go read it, it’s a nice one.

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First of all Thank You Durjoy for shading some light over VITILIGO. It’s still a stigma in the society. Well done!!!! 🙂 Now coming to the main storyline, The story is simple enough but it’s quite good. I liked it and I really mean it. It will make you laugh, cry and angry. There were so many twist and turns in the book. The book clearly shows the mental trauma the kid goes through when his/her parents decide to split up and leaving behind so many unanswered questions. It also shows that whatever god has made you black or white or thin or fat or with any disability/disease, you should never take yourself for granted, you should love yourself & be proud about it. 🙂 And there is a very good message in the book for parents and teachers that no matter what if your child is physically not fit or have some disease parents/teachers/society should never treat them like burden, they should love and support them. The disabled people don’t need our sympathy, they just need our love, so just love them. 🙂 Anyways, I liked the character of Dhruv Roy. According to me, he is not WORLD’S BEST BOYFRIEND but yes he is a quite nice and cute boyfriend whom every girl wants. 🙂 But I really loved Sanchit’s character the most! He was just amazing and soooooo funny, my god! 😛 😛 He is the most interesting, entertaining and alive character in this book. Really, he was damn funny and he was the only love cupid between Dhruv and Aranya.

I didn’t like Raghuvir’s character and I felt sad for the professors 😛 but really Raghuvir was a boring part of the book. I hated his Casanova image. By the way, I loved these names “Dhruv and Aranya” 🙂 nice choice Durjoy 😉 The best thing in this book that I loved is Dhruv and Sanchit’s friendship. Lol, they were amazing. They reminds you of your friendship with your best friends, at so many places, there was a stupid smile on my face while reading how they were conversing with each other. 🙂 It was really a fun read. This book has everything from emotions, drama, action, love, hate, romance, sadness, anger, and revenge in 288 pages. I’ve enjoyed reading every scene durjoy has created in the book. In the later portion, what I liked the most was the interaction between Dhruv and his father. It was quite meaningful and beautiful. So, It is a nice book with a cute love story. No matter how many love stories you might have read, this one is surely different. Not only love, you also realize what true friendship is! 🙂

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Some interesting quotes:

“Love is a conscious decision to be destroyed.”

“Hate is a four letter word and so is love. And, sometimes people can’t tell the difference”

“That’s the cliche about love. You don’t choose it. It chooses you.”

“Easy love is no love. Love’s not love unless you’re laid waste by it, unless you’re destroyed by it, ripped apart and scarred for life by it.”

All in all it is a nice love story, a good book and I would recommend all of you to read at least once & explore the pure love by our cute dimple boy Durjoy 😉 the book is already in BESTSELLER list and Durjoy surely deserves it. 🙂 This is really a good book with so many good messages. A truly beautiful love story, Durjoy knows well how to connect with his readers. Well, In this book, there’s one more good message that I would love to share “you cannot hate a person once you loved so rather than taking revenge or hurting the ones who hurted you try to forgive them, that will make you a real human.” 🙂 So, do read this book guys, at least once…its full of humour, drama, emotions, sadness and lots of love & friendship. JUST GO FOR IT!!!!! 🙂


My Views

I’m unhappy with the #Verdict. Salman is innocent….#IStandWithSalmanKhan

Salman Khan was sentenced to five years in jail for 2002 “Hit-and-Run” case. As the actor was to be taken to prison, the Bombay High Court gave him a two-day respite in the form of interim bail.


He is a Superstar, a great human being, a wonderful actor, he is the one & only “Mr. Salman Khan”. I love him not only because I’m his fan but because of his goodness. Yesterday, I was in tears when I saw this news on TV. I am totally unhappy and sad with the court verdict. Salman in jail for 5yrs, Oh God!!! 😥 I cannot digest this sentence itself….believing it is impossible!!! 😦 Let me tell you first that Salman never shy away from his mistakes, he always face it and it was an accident, plus he was not driving but when you are a celebrity you have to pay a big price. Salman was not driving but when his car have an accident and footpath people know that its Salman Khan, they said that salman was driving. Yes a person was killed in this accident but has the government still do something for these people sleeping on the footpath??? The answer is NO.

We all know, everyone has imperfections and no one is perfect but if you have guts to confront your problems and deal with it like it should then will let tomorrow speaks for himself. India has a big Bollywood industry, where actors and actresses do lots of charity but do you surely know, where are the money going exactly??? Where are those activists working for vulnerable people to shape the life of poor people??? Where are they??? We are in world where internet, whatsapp, facebook, twitter and where everything is moving fast and dynamic, still they can’t help people sleeping on the road/footpath. This is a SHAME!!!! 😖 There are rapist, murders, criminals in any form why not taking damn final judgement for them too??? Well some are focusing because it is SALMAN KHAN and nothing else. But BRAVO to the actor, he run a charity and help truly people who needs it, when the government should have done all this.



The people who are injured said they want compensation and give a damn about the court verdict. These are people who are always in need before and after the accident precisely. I don’t know what’s right or wrong? What’s good or bad? All I know is, For me Salman is not guilty, he is innocent and is always fair. I’m supporting him and will always support him. He is not guilty!!! The truth is, those who showing sympathy to victims & calling it justice, I bet they don’t care if someone murders someone in front of them. There are people who has hit and run cases and killed 6 or more people and they suffered only 2 years while only one person was killed which is still sad yet salman get 5 years jail?? Disgusting!!! 😖 I’m saying this not because I’m his fan but I know he is a good man. If Salman really want to go away with this case he has his contacts. But he faces the consequences no matter what. This is Salman Khan! 🙂 I admire his work, his kindness. He is real, genuine and loyal. Yes, I love his acting, his smile but mostly I love him as a human being. He is great! A man with golden heart and as an actor he is in his best. I cannot imagine any other actor taking his position. It is Salman and the love of his fans that make his movies cross most of the times the 100cr mark.

Last night, I saw an old interview of salman on TV. I really think he’s being targeted for who he is! Go watch it, he always said he wasn’t driving the car and now his driver admits and the judge completely ignored his side of the story. This is clearly injustice. Just because he’s famous you sentence him for five years? What about rapists that are moving freely? Well, I will always support and love him. He is amazing, no one cannot ever become like him, god made him & broke the mould. 🙂 He is real, and he does what he believes, he has saved the lives of many people. Whatever happened that night, was just a mistake. It was an accident. He is not a criminal. And no matter what I will always love him and will support him 🙂 and I’m very happy for Salman that he got the bail for 2 days. 🙂 Finally, a bit relief for him, his family and fans. He is the man who stands for everyone always and now I stand for him.  🙂


This is really shame, some celebrities earn and don’t donate but Salman donates most of what he earns (I think, 60%) and still this judgement….very bad! 😥 Salman is not guilty and please don’t always think of religion, for god’s sake GROW UP! I’m still little upset and sad for him, and now all I can say is I’m supporting him and will always support him. He is just the BEST. We love you salman, I hope all will be fine. #IStandWithSalmanKhan #ISupportSalmanKhan


My Views

My Views on Deepika Padukone’s #MyChoice Video.

Have you guys seen Deepika Padukone’s #MyChoice video? I watched it and honestly, I didn’t like it. There are so many objectionable things in the video and I think, the video was simply degrading the image of women. I don’t support Deepika this time. I mean by creating this video they are making a woman look weak while we are not. I do not understand what message they want to convey? feminism is not about making the same mistakes as men and justifying it as our choice, we don’t need special attention and we don’t need a video saying women should be treated differently, what we actually want is a video that talks about how both men and women need to be treated equally! Sometimes overthinking is the big cause of unhappiness, so please don’t create issues, don’t make life more difficult for women or I would say for middle class and rural women, respect both WOMEN & MEN we’re two sides of coin but incomplete without each other.

I read somewhere that it is made for rural people, well I don’t think so… because if it is so then why is it in English? it would have been made in Hindi no? so the thoughts can change the mindset of rural people…..right no? I think, most Indians do not understrand English properly, then how will they understand the message? And by showing your erotic images in the video you’re talking about women empowerment and women’s condition in rural areas, seriously? I am shocked! Miss Deepika Padukone, do you even know, what is the condition of women in rural areas? Try and bother yourself to go in a Indian villages to find out the hard hitting reality, the ordeal of the women in the rural India is unbearable. Anyway, Women Empowerment means equality between the two, it doesn’t mean one is superior to the other and this video and your message is totally nonsense. I hope our young generation doesn’t take it seriously, its just a marketing gimmick. There are far more concerning issues about women’s rights than this. And one sec, just look who’s talking I mean, someone who has lambasted Ranbir Kapoor in public should better keep her mouth shut about her own CHOICE.

(Left) Deepika Padukone and Saina Nehwal (Right)
(Left) Deepika Padukone and Saina Nehwal (Right)

By the way, have you guys heard about Saina Nehwal? She is also a Indian girl, and now she is world’s #1 badminton player. I mean, how I admire her, she is a role model for me. And she should be India’s role model, I would like sons of India to be LIKE her. All India’s children to have skills like her. She is the best and She doesn’t need to make a video to say #MyChoice. She LIVES her choice. SALUTE YOU SAINA! Now see, one side we have Deepika and other side Saina, they both are women, both are in professions that are highly competitive and both face fame, critisism, love, fear, anxiety, insecurities and etc. Both have choices and here is what they choose to do with it. Saina made us and our country proud. And yes! I choose Saina Nehwal as my role model for empowering women because she walks the talk. By becoming the FIRST INDIAN WOMAN to be ranked No.1 in badminton in the WORLD, Saina has trashed a lot of naysayers. I can’t even estimate the pressure this 25 year old bears while she fights her way to the top, quashing the so far informidable Chinese and instead of wearing make up and crying in front of the camera about her insecurities, she remained determined, focused and committed to her passion and see where it has brought her. 🙂 After losing the world cup 2015, we were all very disappointed but so what if 11 men couldn’t bring home the cricket honors? See what a young determined WOMAN is capable of? Well, I have nothing against Deepika, I love her acting and beauty but yes for this video, NO…I AM SORRY!!!! I know, She is a public figure but according to me, what she signs up for under the banner of “women empowerment” should be well thought of and planned. Her video was more about making choices according to her whims. Oh god! How can women be empowered by that??

Anyways, this was my opinion on Deepika’s #MyChoice. I eagerly want to know your opinion… want to share? 🙂