Words from the Heart

I am here…!!



Hello to all my Readers 🙂 Its been a long since I’ve posted anything and I am sorry for being lazy and not being regular over here.

Today I am going to place my thoughts on an issue which is very important to discuss and this issue always makes me sad. We seriously need to talk about it. You know guys, I get so sad and disturb anytime I read news of someone committing suicide, I don’t understand when did suicide become an option?? and why?? What makes people so weak that they decide to end their life? That they decide to pause their life, dreams and everything else? I am deeply appalled at the recent incidents of suicide by youngsters. It’s horrifying to even try and understand that guy/girl’s mindset which made them end their life.

I am just so sad and shocked to hear about Arjun Bhardwaj’s story. Guys we need to understand that Suicide is not the only option in life, if you’re facing any trouble just go and talk to your parents, best friend or anyone but please don’t even think about suicide. Doing suicide is not a solution. Please think about your family and friends. Don’t hurt them and yourself or think about suicide. Trust me, by doing that you’re gonna hurt other people even more. You see, it’s been a while since I started writing here and I am glad to have heard a lot of personal stories, some great love and friendship experiences and some really grave grievances over this period.

I’ve always felt thankful when someone has considered me worthy enough of being a part of their story or their life. This made me feel special every time. Keeping this in mind, I want to repeat that apart from the reader-writer relationship that we share, I can sometimes be your friend, your adviser and your confidante too. So, my dear reader if you’re struggling, facing any problem you always have a friend here who’ll be there with you and won’t judge you, won’t let you feel alone, its a promise! Please reach out to me whenever you feel depressed, sad, happy or weird and always remember that whatever you’re going through will pass too soon.

Like they say “There is sunrise after every night” That’s just how the universe works. Please remember that there’s a solution to every problem!

God bless you,
Much Love! ❤


Random Thoughts

That feeling…!

Well, sometimes you just get this feeling which makes you realize that it’s time to go. Its like your life is going normal and there are these people you have gotten attached to and deep down your heart, you know that you love them, love being with them.

But then this feeling…this instinct makes you aware that ‘goodbye’ is near and there’d be possibly nothing you could do about it.

It takes time to let it sink in coz you’ll miss these people as hell and even though you might appear aloof, walking ahead without them would hurt….hurt hard….But you’d have to do it…ONE MORE TIME 😦

Because, this is what you are…a Wanderer…a Straggler….in search of souls and I guess this is what life is all about! 🙂


Random Thoughts

Sometimes . . . . .

It happens! Sometimes you’re just so sad that you don’t scream or cry. You simply bashed yourself for everything. Sometimes you feel like no one understands you. Then, you just sit there, all numb, wondering how sad you are. And you just keep whiling away the time, and wishing that it all gets better.

But sometimes…..It Never Does!