Random Thoughts


Life behaves strange sometimes it just gets too much.

Sometimes you cry your heart inside with a smile on your face. Sometimes you just wish you could explode into a million pieces to stop feeling anything.

And then, at times you wait for someone to pick up those pieces and make you whole again. But, it never happens….sometimes the pieces of you are lost and they’re never found again.

Sometimes it takes too much to realize that you’ll always be incomplete! 💔



Random Thoughts

Be you….Life is Strange!


Yes! Life is Strange. 🙂 Sometimes it’s weird, sometimes it’s good, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. You know, life is just so complicated sometimes, I believe that, life is stable until you get choices. It’s hard to decide which path will be the right one for you. You think a lot about many things, about your love, life, career, study and etc. and every time, you get confused…you talk to people and each one has their different opinion or their own point of view. You listen to them and get all the more confused. The more you know think about it, the more tension you get. And at last, all you have to do is to keep your hand on your heart and believe in yourself. 🙂
So why we do always discuss about our problems with someone else??? Is it a necessity of human nature or is just an habit? Honestly, I really don’t know, but I think that one of the most important things in life is TRUST and we should trust on ourselves first. Because, if we do not trust ourselves, we can never do anything in life. We own are our greatest strengths and weakness and It is up to us, how we live or lead our lives. So I just want to say that, always believe in yourself, live your life the way you want, never compromise, just be happy and be you! 🙂