Random Thoughts

That feeling…!

Well, sometimes you just get this feeling which makes you realize that it’s time to go. Its like your life is going normal and there are these people you have gotten attached to and deep down your heart, you know that you love them, love being with them.

But then this feeling…this instinct makes you aware that ‘goodbye’ is near and there’d be possibly nothing you could do about it.

It takes time to let it sink in coz you’ll miss these people as hell and even though you might appear aloof, walking ahead without them would hurt….hurt hard….But you’d have to do it…ONE MORE TIME 😦

Because, this is what you are…a Wanderer…a Straggler….in search of souls and I guess this is what life is all about! 🙂


Words from the Heart

TRUST….The bitter truth of life!


TRUST is one of the most biggest things in the world…. isn’t it? and one of the worst things when someone breaks your trust… I personally think the biggest mistake people make in life is breaking someone’s trust because when someone breaks your trust once, it’s hard to believe anything they say after and from thereon that person could never be able to trust anyone or anything again 😦 More so, they will always be skeptical while trusting anyone else too, because once your trust breaks, you know how much it hurts and you’ll never risk anything to have even a remote chance of experiencing that pain.

I’ve experienced it, I know how much it hurts and I can’t trust anyone ever. I think, when someone breaks your trust, then you don’t hate that person, you just start hating yourself and become a lame or living dead body inside somewhere. And I guess this is one of the reasons how fake our generation has become, no one is real, they all have so much pain in their hearts, they all are broken inside, maybe that’s why nobody is real…everyone is too scared to put trust in someone because of their pasts, somehow everyone is hiding their emotions, because just let’s be honest, someone somewhere has gotten his trust broken and has never found a way to trust anyone from thereon…..And, This is the bitter truth of life! 😉