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Memories and Experiences . . . !


Dear Reader,

Today I want to say something to you, This one is a lil long but I hope you still read it. πŸ™‚ The year is about to end. Another 11 days and BAM!!!! another year goes by. Everyone of us would have a huge basket of memories of 2016. Not every memory would be happy, not every memory would be the one you want to remember…but still, they are all responsible for who you are, right now. So, I wanna request you something today. I want you to lay back a little, shut your eyes and repeat 2016 in front of your eyes.

The winters of Jan and Feb, spring and holi of March, session ending in schools and colleges in April, heat of May, rain of June, July, August, your birthday, your best friend’s birthday, your girlfriend/boyfriend’s birthday, your adventures, your trips, your secret hangout sessions, your unusual crushes, Diwali, your breakup, your lost friends, arguments, sad moments, happy moments, failure and everything….I want you to remember each and every memory of 2016 today…When you do this, I know you’ll not be at peace. You’ll feel your lips turning into a curve and then widening into a grin and then something would flash and moisten your eyes. You might even drop a tear or two (like me)…And so, there would be a quick flashback of your life. The regrets, the words unsaid…a plethora of emotions would churn inside you. But don’t stop. Hold yourself together and get through it, once again. Feel the strength and happiness within you. Don’t feel depressed or upset, dear friend. You might even feel a certain void within yourself and its okay. We all feel that too. Its life’s priceless EXPERIENCE! πŸ™‚

So don’t lose hope. A new year will bring some more new experiences and your life will again be one hell or heaven of a ride. You’ll still get through everything. So, cheer up and gear up for the challenges and happiness of 2017 !! πŸ™‚

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to All in advance ❀


23 thoughts on “Memories and Experiences . . . !”

  1. Yes 2016 has given me so many wide experiences… I’d say widest of all these years of usual or expected or planned happiness.
    On 1 Jan of 2016, I landed to the God’s own place – Trivandrum for my first job right after college. I got see so many friends during my training mixed work life experiences.. a few came close … an unusual experience of sitting with a Malayali friend and talking … beaches gardens and there were so many things happening for the very first time in my life.
    Time goes faster when you love it the most. Training ended and have to leave the new friends and it was especially difficult to say goodbye to the closer ones. But life goes on … I couldn’t continue with my job for long for other ambitions and then lived an entirely new life after job. Failing in exams and getting to know myself better all this happened just in 2016. Yes this year came with a lot of memories, though the year will end very soon but the memories will be carried forward with us and thats the best part of our life… we are who we are just because of our memories our emotions and thats what makes us human and makes us different.
    I truly loved reading your post.


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