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My Views on Deepika Padukone’s #MyChoice Video.

Have you guys seen Deepika Padukone’s #MyChoice video? I watched it and honestly, I didn’t like it. There are so many objectionable things in the video and I think, the video was simply degrading the image of women. I don’t support Deepika this time. I mean by creating this video they are making a woman look weak while we are not. I do not understand what message they want to convey? feminism is not about making the same mistakes as men and justifying it as our choice, we don’t need special attention and we don’t need a video saying women should be treated differently, what we actually want is a video that talks about how both men and women need to be treated equally! Sometimes overthinking is the big cause of unhappiness, so please don’t create issues, don’t make life more difficult for women or I would say for middle class and rural women, respect both WOMEN & MEN we’re two sides of coin but incomplete without each other.

I read somewhere that it is made for rural people, well I don’t think so… because if it is so then why is it in English? it would have been made in Hindi no? so the thoughts can change the mindset of rural people…..right no? I think, most Indians do not understrand English properly, then how will they understand the message? And by showing your erotic images in the video you’re talking about women empowerment and women’s condition in rural areas, seriously? I am shocked! Miss Deepika Padukone, do you even know, what is the condition of women in rural areas? Try and bother yourself to go in a Indian villages to find out the hard hitting reality, the ordeal of the women in the rural India is unbearable. Anyway, Women Empowerment means equality between the two, it doesn’t mean one is superior to the other and this video and your message is totally nonsense. I hope our young generation doesn’t take it seriously, its just a marketing gimmick. There are far more concerning issues about women’s rights than this. And one sec, just look who’s talking I mean, someone who has lambasted Ranbir Kapoor in public should better keep her mouth shut about her own CHOICE.

(Left) Deepika Padukone and Saina Nehwal (Right)
(Left) Deepika Padukone and Saina Nehwal (Right)

By the way, have you guys heard about Saina Nehwal? She is also a Indian girl, and now she is world’s #1 badminton player. I mean, how I admire her, she is a role model for me. And she should be India’s role model, I would like sons of India to be LIKE her. All India’s children to have skills like her. She is the best and She doesn’t need to make a video to say #MyChoice. She LIVES her choice. SALUTE YOU SAINA! Now see, one side we have Deepika and other side Saina, they both are women, both are in professions that are highly competitive and both face fame, critisism, love, fear, anxiety, insecurities and etc. Both have choices and here is what they choose to do with it. Saina made us and our country proud. And yes! I choose Saina Nehwal as my role model for empowering women because she walks the talk. By becoming the FIRST INDIAN WOMAN to be ranked No.1 in badminton in the WORLD, Saina has trashed a lot of naysayers. I can’t even estimate the pressure this 25 year old bears while she fights her way to the top, quashing the so far informidable Chinese and instead of wearing make up and crying in front of the camera about her insecurities, she remained determined, focused and committed to her passion and see where it has brought her. 🙂 After losing the world cup 2015, we were all very disappointed but so what if 11 men couldn’t bring home the cricket honors? See what a young determined WOMAN is capable of? Well, I have nothing against Deepika, I love her acting and beauty but yes for this video, NO…I AM SORRY!!!! I know, She is a public figure but according to me, what she signs up for under the banner of “women empowerment” should be well thought of and planned. Her video was more about making choices according to her whims. Oh god! How can women be empowered by that??

Anyways, this was my opinion on Deepika’s #MyChoice. I eagerly want to know your opinion… want to share? 🙂

13 thoughts on “My Views on Deepika Padukone’s #MyChoice Video.”

  1. While reading this i thought should I voice my opinions here or should I say what large population thinks ?
    I find it appropriate only to share my opinions.
    // Does a man ask his female counterpart before taking a decision other than the financial aspects?//
    Ok if you were to ask me, I would definitely involve female counterpart in these decisions because I believe if your family should be aware of financial details, your investments, your savings, all everything
    Moreover, if someday I die suddenly, and my family needs information, where do they look? Where
    do they go? Yeah, eventually, they will figure it all out, but only after a whole lot of time
    wasted (weeks, months, even a year!) so hence to create a better situation I would like to keep them involved in all financial planning and decisions .
    Other than financial, yes I would definitely do because I don’t think its wrong and may be my family can give me more ideas than I would ever think of ,many a time when I’m confused or struggling .
    // Does he think it’s necessary to dress the way his partner thinks he should? //
    If you ask me , I would say when people these days go for shopping , they go with their partners . atleast I see them in malls  I see even guys getting out of trail rooms and showing their girl if the dress looks good on them . so I feel its good .
    // Is he beaten up if he voices his opinion?// hmm , I have seen women beating her husband’s .
    No, not in city where I live but in the rural, villages where I travelled.
    People these days in cities do not do domestic violence. Even if they I have a strong objection for it. Whether it is a man or a woman. I support you on this. Every gender has a right to give their opinions

    // Does society point fingers at him and call him names if he is seen roaming around with a female?//
    Here, your “my choice” theory is applicable. cuz I personally believe , it is no one’s business to talk about who we roam with.
    //Does he have to think twice and worry about his safety everytime he steps out of his house?//
    Yes , I have seen hoodlums attack on my male colleague for sake of money during night travel . it was terrible escape .
    I keep hearing about many such attacks. And even for female safety comes first .for ex: Prabha’s case in Australia. it was horrific .
    So what is your choice? My choice just says be careful as much as you can , be alert everytime .
    Be it a man or women
    // Do his parents force him into marriage after a certain age simply because the society may object?//
    Parents force into marriage due to various reason for both. I have seen it . might be due to biological concerns , or due to fear or society as you say .
    But still we have mother Teresa, , Oprah winfrey , Film actress Rekha ,Sushmita,APJ Abdul kalam,Swami Vivekananda , your favourite salman khan so on and so forth .
    You think they salman parent never ask him to marry ?? 😉
    Few of these made their choice, few got support from their family
    If you look at Mahatma Gandhi’s life he was forced to marry at the age of 13 or so .
    So again here, few have family support and few made their choices .

    // Does he have to bear the pain of childbirth? Is he then expected to take care of the child he has given birth to? Does society blame him if he goes and works instead of taking care of his child at home?//
    Ah!! This is pretty thought provoking one
    Yeah agreed men cannot bear the pain of childbirth. It is nature’s decision . a biological fact . if had that chance we would better know . but we can empathize the pain she undergoes .
    Every women seeks a support from her partner when she is carrying and men are supporting , I cannot eliminate this fact that men have been taking equal responsibility during his partners pregnancy and in child’s upbringing
    My choice ?? If I have to undergo the situation I would definitely take equal responsibility. Because society blames the parents , not just women when child has a problem with moral values and manners
    However, I would share my views is that my dad passed away before my mother did and the way she lived after losing my dad was commendable. I think a woman teaches lot of human values to her child than a father.
    So finally what I have to say is
    I have seen women been given equal opportunity to work in the field she wants
    Look at the life of kalpana Chawla, Lata mangeshkar, arunima Sinha ,saina nehwal , Malala, I can keep giving many names, They all had support from their family and they believed in themselves their will power their passion to be achieve success
    In one of the interviews of Malala I read , “Thank you to my father for not clipping my wings and for letting me fly,” she said. I felt happy .
    I have huge respect for the people for all of them .
    Anyway I’m not here to say you women don’t have to make their choices. However, when you say it’s my choice think if anybody has to be consulted. think is it appropriate . my choice here is contextual , very much . I know many females like to rant on men . but again . writing this opinion is my choice 
    I hope my choices in the above statements will be considered. I know men and women have different ways of thinking , behaving,communicating ,difference should be respected .
    PS: this is the answer i gave for the question someone asked me questions are encloses within // // symbol
    Let me know your views Karuna

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    1. Hello Supreet! Thanks for your comment, I liked it a lot. And don’t care about anyone, always share your thoughts and opinion, do not ever hesitate! I think you should post this on you blog.

      I agree with you totally. Women are successful in every field and yes they got their rights too. We really need to understand that we both (men and women) are important to each other, both are incomplete without each other. And the point is to take pride in your being, realize your worth and move forward and if you know your worth, you do not need these types of Vogue videos to tell you what to think of yourself! Every individual (man or woman) has their own struggle or issues that sometimes seems like a lost battle. No two struggles are alike, nor should they be comparable. I often see, women do use their rights threatening men and it is absolutely wrong if we women misuse our rights. Its not always men but women also sometimes encourage men to commit suicide and such crimes. And I think in this video, the main thing which went wrong was the context, the messenger and ofcourse the people delivering the message. According to me the word ‘choice’ itself is so contextual especially in our part of the world. Really, I can’t understand whether deepika is supporting women or degrading their values by supporting this nonsense. I mean atleast she should understand the values of our culture just for the sake of some money how could she degrade our values??? This is really horrible! Here I have to say that I don’t stand with deepika this time, and yes! deepika’s #mychoice is NOT My Choice and Never Will Be! And I think, for women empowerment in our country what we really need is Good Education but this so called #MyChoice video has been reflecting something else…Really shameful and disturbing!

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      1. Dear karuna ,
        your response is absolutely wonderful .
        people have the wrong understanding of feminism .
        and this video actually ignited the bad feminism . first we should try to be humanist . show empathy support each other and make life beautiful . and w.r.t my choice , i keep interacting with so many men and women i keep hearing so many wonderful facts about how as a family , as a couple they have achieved their aspirations.
        if not anything i believe marriage or a loving relationship is all about having “we support each other’s dream” philosophy and NOT “its my choice philosophy”

        i just loved it when you said 2 things.
        Educating is Empowering
        b) people like saina nehwal lived their chooices and never screamed that its my choice
        even if you read malala’s story the way she supported right to education is commendable but she never showed that feminist attitude .

        You can read my post named “True Leaders”

        i respect you for your views a lot . Keep sharing

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  2. Hey, great post Karuna. Loved it. So, aptly and concisely written. I agree with you completely. Feminism is not wanting to everything that a man does. It is being able to stand up for your right to be treated equally and showing the same respect to others, too.
    Another thought struck me – if it is made for rural India, why is it on youtube and not on tv?

    I loved your post. Hoping to read more.

    I’ve written similar pieces here – and Do check them out.


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  3. I am quite late in reading this post. But I could not resist myself from commenting on it. I loved the way you have penned down your thoughts and opinion. I agree with each single argument. I have written similar post at my blog, thanks for reading and liking it else I would not have found your blog. Happy writing!

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