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Sometimes . . . . .

It happens! Sometimes you’re just so sad that you don’t scream or cry. You simply bashed yourself for everything. Sometimes you feel like no one understands you. Then, you just sit there, all numb, wondering how sad you are. And you just keep whiling away the time, and wishing that it all gets better.

But sometimes…..It Never Does!


8 thoughts on “Sometimes . . . . .”

  1. Hmm.. I don’t understand how you feel. It’s very hard to get rid of that feeling sometimes and think about the good and positive things in life. But even if it doesn’t get better, I believe that it’s something that had to happen. It happened for a reason. And even if I do not understand that right now, in the future I will. Oh well, that’s how I try to comfort myself when I feel really really bad.

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  2. Oooh sweetie sometimes we think so but trust me after a long journey with sadness and misery I found out that you will never bs sad for too long and that life comes in
    Seasons one is a bad season and the other is happy, just like in life after the dull
    Winter there is the happy spring, same with you. Just don’t allow yourself to sink in misery and sadness because the more
    You sink the harder it will be to get out, do the best you can to have an optimistic mindset and have faith that everything will be great And your turn with happiness will come very soon, until them do the best you can and work hard, dream, laugh and try to have fun as much as you can and be ready for the light that is going to enter your life, and keep going and keep running until you reach the light at the end if the tunnel, take care karuna and keep blogging. You have a beautiful skill, dont give it up!! Good luck 🙂 🙂

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